Friday, January 16, 2009

Illustrators 51: Sequential Awards Gala

In a series of exhibition openings in conjunction with Illustrators 51, the Sequential exhibit was the first to open its doors and hold the awards gala. The Silver and Gold Medals of the Society of Illustrators were given to the artists and art directors whose work was judged salient in their respective categories. The subjects ranged from political to historical reproductions, touching fields from corporate to personal, including traditional and digital media as well as animation. The recipients present agreed that the award was a high honor and looking at the work hung in the gallery, humbly asked: "What were you guys thinking?"

Having introduced the electronic submission portal, the Society was proud to announce that the number of incoming artwork increased by 30% compared to last year. With such high-niveau and diverse artwork submitted, it is no wonder the jury had a hard time to choose the awardees.

John Cuneo, creator of the fabulous and witty call for entries poster doubled as MC for the event, which role he fulfilled brilliantly. He had the guests in fits of laughter with his impressions of himself as the prototypical antisocial artist struggling with stage fright. His quick-rolling tongue and sense of humor provided an additional entertainment for the night.

The Gala in pictures:

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